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Essential Oils


Naturally safe and purely effective Essential Oils and Wellness Products!

Looking for a new approach to healthcare for the whole family?

A new standard in essential oils - doTERRA oils are CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. They are guaranteed to be of consistent, safe and superior quality in every bottle. Because of this quality, doTERRA essential oils can actually penetrate the cell wall unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics and with NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS. WHY? Because they are sourced from their natural habitat, grown and harvested WITHOUT any HERBICIDES or PESTICIDES, extracted using the correct temperature and pressure and then rigorously TESTED BY INDEPENDENT SOURCES to ensure the PURITY (ie no weeds, bacteria, soil etc) and COMPOUNDS comply, and are second to none and ready for use.  

Look at some of these benefits and compare them with your current healthcare regime!

  • Hundreds of natural compounds vs synthetic
  • Treating the actaual problem, not the symptoms
  • 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs
  • Virtually no harmful side effects
  • Plant material sourced from it's native region
  • Cents per drop vs prescription costs
  • Available when you need vs waiting for a doctor

Want to find out more?

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