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 How to Eliminate

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Diploma of Reflexology

Ayurvedic and Chi Reflexology

Diploma of Health Counselling

Health Coach

Qualified Qi Gong Instructor

Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Life Force Energy Healer

Aromatouch Massage

Indian Seated Head Massage

Bars Practitioner

doTERRA Product Consultant

Oneness Blessing Giver

Welcome to your healing journey!

Lets look at the story of the pebbles, rocks and sand by an unknown author. Consider the rocks in your life to be the most important things in life like family, your relationships, goals, health. The pebbles represent the other things that matter in your life such as work or school. The sand will be everything else, "the small stuff" like your material possessions, things we worry over that never actually happen and most commonly the things that are easiest to do and takes most of our time and energy, consumes our day and worst of all never actually gets us anywhere. 

Now If we take a jar, which represents your life, and fill it with the sand or "the small stuff", it's harder to fit enough of the pebbles and rocks in - the truly important things in life and the ones that are the most rewarding. By putting the big rocks in first, next the pebbles- the less important but still valuable things, the sand will just filter around them giving your life more balance and meaning. Sure the big rocks require more attention and maybe the least enjoyable to tackle but they are the most productive and satisfying and will set you free from the mundane and the ordinary. What are the big rocks in your life? What sand is getting in your way and irritating you? It is well documented that "Stress" and our "Emotions" have a major effect on our health and wellbeing.

Having come from a long history of physical, mental and emotional issues myself, I began my healing journey 15 years ago and discovered many modalities and techniques that had a profound impact on my life and turned it around. My passion is to share what I have learned and experienced and assist those on that same journey of healing through my services listed and in more detail under the "Services" tab. You are unique and your healing plan will be as well. I combine things like meditation techniques, doTERRA essential oils, Bush Flowers and Bach Flowers, Reflexology - both eastern using Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and the western Zone theory, Reiki including Kundilini Reiki, Life Force Energy Healing (chakra balancing/clearing), Oneness Blessings, Aromatouch massage and more. I also assist with sleep, diet, exercise and stress issues that may be impacting your health and your day to day life. If you feel stuck or just in need of some relaxation, I invite you to call for an appointment and take your first step towards wellness.  



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