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Since completing the LYLA (Love Your Life Again) course, I have noticed some big changes to my energy levels. The constant feeling of lethargy has gone and I feel more normal. My annual bouts of tonsillitis is no more. Since making 'tongue scrapping' part of my daily routine, I no longer struggle with regular bouts of tonsillitis. While some of the changes to my lifestyle have been easy to slip into, others have been more challenging. However, everyday I return to the habits. Some days I progress, others I regress. It's a journey that requires conscious effort from my part and deliberate action. A journey that brings progress and change for the better; however small on some days.

Angela, Burwood NSW

Deb & Doterra products have given me a new 'lease on life' from Lifelong Vitality Vitamin products to Slim & Sassy oil that everyday I use in my drink bottle. Not to mention lemon & peppermint oils that I use as natural cleaning products.

Deb has been my inspiration in introducing me to Kundelini Reiki & this has helped me tremendously through a very difficult time this year.

- Kris, Galston NSW

Debra is a miracle worker. I have been to many different forms of treatment and one session with Deb was life changing. Her approach to helping me, using all avenues is very different and works very well. The balance of reflexology, essential oils and help with my lifestyle has been amazing. I highly recommend seeing Debra

- Jason, Sydney NSW

Deb is fantastic! Her approach to holistic healing is thorough. She not only focuses on my aches and pains but helps gain a better quality of life through and rest. I highly recommend treatment with Deb.

- Rachel, Sydney NSW

For a few months now I have been only able to move my left arm above my shoulder level but after just one treatment from Deb working on my shoulder reflex, I have full movement of my arm and shoulder and best of all, no pain now. So grateful - now I can get back into the garden again.

- Robyn, Central Coast NSW


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